Your personal agenda

Once you've added sessions to your agenda, there's a few places you can find the list

Once you build your agenda by adding Spotlights, evening events, and reserving breakout sessions if you're eligible for them, there are a few places that you can view your personal agenda.

In the mobile app

Once you download and log into the mobile app, you can view your personal agenda by heading to the agenda and tapping "Registered" at the top.


If you head to the full agenda at, you'll see a "My Reservations" tab above the sessions list. If you're not already logged into the agenda, you'll be prompted to log in by verifying your email address.

The agenda uses cookies to verify your identity, so if you're behind a firewall or otherwise have cookies blocked, you won't be able to log in. Try using a different device like your phone, or just use the mobile app.