Creating Your Profile

Creating your profile

The first step after signing into your INBOUND account is to create your profile. Your profile will appear in chats, messages, and in the networking directory, so your profile information should be filled out thoroughly.

Let people know who you are and what you're hoping to achieve at INBOUND by answering some key questions. Keep in mind that we'll use the interest tags you choose during Onboarding to provide recommended agenda sessions as well as suggest similar experts and attendees to connect with.

Want to change your profile photo or your response to one of our profile questions? That's okay--you can go back and edit those at any time by clicking on your profile headshot in the upper righthand corner of the nav bar and clicking "EDIT PROFILE." This is where you can also alter your privacy settings to determine what and what not to display to other attendees.


Next, the app will take you through various animated onboarding slides to briefly introduce some of the app’s main features, such as curating your agenda, RSVPing to sessions, networking opportunities, connecting with sponsors, and navigating the BCEC with using the Map. Pay attention to these quick tutorials so that you are prepared to navigate all the app has to offer!

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