Building Your Agenda

Within the App, you can build your own personal agenda to help you keep track of what you want to attend at INBOUND. If you save sessions to your agenda, we'll send you a reminder when they're about to begin, and you can even export your agenda to the calendar tool of your choice. 

This document covers the following:

  1. Agenda overview
  2. Saving sessions to your agenda
  3. Joining a session room
  4. Your recommended agenda
  5. Search and filter sessions
  6. Exporting your personal agenda
  7. Subscribing to your personal agenda
  8. Sharing your agenda with others
  9. Viewing your agenda

Agenda overview

The time in the schedule will display based on your own timezone. To access the different programming tracks, click the arrow keys. Within each track, you'll see each session represented as a block. To access different days of the event, click on the “Day 1” dropdown button. 

Saving sessions to your agenda

You can click the bookmark icon in the lower right-hand corner of the session block to add that session to your personal agenda. Once you save a session, the My Agenda pane will slide out. You can hide this pane or bring it back at any time by clicking the two arrows button. If you try to add two conflicting sessions to your agenda, we'll ask you to confirm you really want to. You can't add more than two sessions with the same start time to your agenda.

Joining a session room

You can also click on the block to see all the details of that session. By clicking on the session block within the Agenda, this is how you will be able to join a live session. Please note that session rooms do not open until 5 minutes prior to a session's start time. For more information on live-streaming a session, see our article, Joining a Content Session on the App.

Your recommended agenda

Based on your profile, we can help you choose sessions that you might like. Our recommendations are marked with a star icon. To see just your recommendations, click the "Recommended agenda" (star) button in the top left of the screen. If you'd like to save all our recommendations to your agenda, you can do it in one click by clicking "Save all to My Agenda" (bookmark All). To go back to the orginal Agenda view that shows all sessions, simply deselect the "Recommended agenda" (star) button.

Search and filter sessions

You can use the search button to search for a session by title and the filter button to search for a session by content tag [located at the top of the screen].

Tip: To search by title, you need to start the search with the first word in the session title.

Exporting your personal agenda

If you'd like to add your INBOUND agenda to your own calendar, you can do so easily. Click the "Export My Agenda" dropdown option under the "..." button in the My Agenda pane and select the format or method that you prefer. Please note that exporting your 'My Agenda' is a static output, meaning, if you make changes to your 'My Agenda' after exporting, those changes will not reflect on your personal agenda as well. You'll have to unsubscribe from (or remove) your existing INBOUND calendar (in Google, Outlook, etc.) and re-export your calendar to see those updates reflected.

Subscribing to your personal agenda

You can also subscribe to the calendar via URL using the instructions outlined in the agenda modal. Click on the "?" icon in the "Export Your Agenda" pop-up (shown above) to see instructions on how to add your agenda to your personal calendar (pasted below as well for reference).

Sharing your agenda with others

Want to share with colleagues or friends what you're attending at INBOUND? You can send them a link to your entire agenda. Click the share icon in the My Agenda pane. You can post directly to Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter or you can copy the link to send directly however you'd like.

Viewing your agenda

You can view your My Agenda from anywhere on the platform by clicking the bookmark icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Can I download a PDF of my agenda?

We do not offer a PDF version of the agenda for INBOUND, so please consult the live agenda on the platform or the website (be sure to filter by ticket type) ahead of the event.

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