Sharing your data with sponsors

If you'd like a sponsor to stay in touch with you, you can opt in to share your information with them in a number of places. Unless you explicitly opt in, we never share your data with sponsors.

Sign up to hear more

In a sponsor's booth or lounge and their on-demand videos, you'll see an option to sign up to hear more from them. After you click that "Sign Up" button you'll need to review and accept that specific sponsor's privacy language. When you opt in to share your data with a sponsor, it'll be processed in accordance with their privacy policy, so make sure you're comfortable with it before agreeing.

Send a message or book a meeting

When you send a sponsor a private message or book a 1:1 meeting with them, we need to share your data with them in order to facilitate that. For that reason, you'll be required to review and accept the sponsor's privacy language when sending a message or booking a meeting.