Data and Privacy

Data and Privacy

Your privacy is important to us, so please read our full privacy policy here, which is incorporated into these terms by reference.

Registration data

We may share your registration data with our vendors in order to provide event information and help improve your experience at INBOUND or future HubSpot events. For example, if we offer a mobile app, we might make your data available to the mobile app provider so it’s accessible through the app. We may also share your registration data with providers related to INBOUND, like HubSpot, our event platform and registration service providers, and other vendors who work with us to make sure INBOUND is a great experience for you. By providing your registration data to us, you grant us permission to do these things.

What we will not do is sell, rent, or give your registration data to third parties (because there’s nothing worse than going to an event then getting spammed by strangers for weeks). You have the option at registration to allow us to share your registration information (including your name and email) with INBOUND sponsors, and if you select this option, we’ll share your information with INBOUND sponsors so you can receive communications directly from them. You also may have the option of sharing your information (such as your avatar, name, company, and job title) directly with other attendees or sponsors through our event platform or other online communities. If you choose to share (or allow us to share) your information, you understand that we do not control how other attendees or sponsors use your information. The important point here is that you will have control over which information is shared with other attendees and/or sponsors, and you can choose whether or not to share your information. If you believe a sponsor or other attendee has collected your information without your consent, please inform us immediately.


Wearable devices will use Bluetooth technology. Your wearable device may be actively or passively scanned as you enter certain sessions or when you access other areas and amenities at INBOUND. Among other things, this helps us to track and provide information on capacity, as well as make sure folks have the right access.

Our sponsors may have the option to scan your wearable device to retrieve the personal information that you provided at registration, including your name, company, and email address. If your data is collected by a sponsor—by scanning your wearable device or through any other means—it will be used and stored according to their privacy and data retention policies, which they should allow you to review before providing your data. You are never required to allow a sponsor to scan your wearable device and if you’re not comfortable with any of their policies, you shouldn’t provide them with your data.

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