Bag check

Large bags are not allowed at INBOUND this year, meaning no bag check

This year we made some changes to our safety and security policies and we're no longer allowing bags larger than a standard backpack or handbag at INBOUND or on our shuttles. In order to prevent large bags from entering the building, we won't be offering bag check this year.

If you need a place to store luggage on Friday, we recommend turning to your hotel or Airbnb host first. Our hotel shuttles will be running until 4:30 PM on Friday to bring you back to your hotel.

Other options

If keeping things at your hotel or with our Airbnb host won't work out, there are a few nearby alternatives. Unlike many parts of the world, public luggage storage lockers have largely been removed in the United States post-9/11.

Please note that capacity at all of these third-party locations is limited. They may be very busy, so allow lots of time if you plan to use one. These services are completely independent of INBOUND and we cannot guarantee that they'll be able to accommodate your bag.

South Station

There are three luggage storage options at Boston South Station (15 minutes from the BCEC on foot or 10 minutes via transit).

Greyhound Package Express on the 5th floor of the bus terminal building offers luggage check for $12 per bag.

Teddy Ballgames, located at the front of the train station building, also offers bag storage.

If you'll be traveling home on Amtrak, you can also hold your luggage with one of their Red Cap employees at the station.

Rowes Wharf Water Transport

If you're flying out of Boston Logan Airport, you can take a convenient water taxi to the airport from Rowes Wharf (20 minutes from the BCEC on foot or a 5-10 minute car ride). Rowes Wharf Water Transport offers luggage storage before you head to the airport. A one-way fare to the airport that includes luggage storage is $22 per person.

Note that while water taxis also serve the World Trade West pier closer to the BCEC, luggage storage is only available at Rowes Wharf.