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Attendee lists

You may hear from scammers claiming to offer INBOUND attendee lists, but rest assured that we haven’t given your data to anyone sketchy.

Your data is yours and we don’t share it with anyone, except our trusted vendors and partner who work with us to make sure INBOUND is a great experience for you. We don’t ever share your data with third parties who might want to sell you something or otherwise clog your inbox—we don’t even give your data to our own sponsors without your consent. You can find our full privacy policy here.

As they do with many large events, some shady companies are contacting INBOUND attendees and sponsors offering to provide or sell attendee lists. These companies are not authorized by us and we do not post INBOUND attendees’ or speakers’ personal email addresses publicly.

Scammers offering to sell these lists often aggregate information based on web crawler or email “scraper” programs searching for email addresses posted on various websites (including LinkedIn and Facebook). While this is illegal in most countries, it does not prevent unscrupulous folks from doing so. Some of them may target INBOUND speakers or sponsor companies using email addresses they’ve collected from other sources.

Please do not open, respond to, or click on any links in any email that claims to have an INBOUND attendee list for sale, as it puts your and others’ contact information at risk. Often times, engaging with these emails (even to see the full email or “unsubscribe”) confirms to scammers that they have reached a valid email address. You can report these emails to us at help@inbound.com.


We don’t provide our sponsors with the INBOUND attendee list, but sponsors may ask to collect your info during the event. It’s always completely up to you if you want to provide your info to sponsors. If you do provide your data to a sponsor, it will be used and stored according to their privacy and data retention policies, which they should allow you to review beforehand. If you’re not comfortable with any of their policies, you shouldn’t provide them with your data.

If you aren’t comfortable with the way a sponsor is asking for or using your data, let us know at conduct@inbound.com.