How to reserve sessions via the app

To maximize session availability and to let you plan your time at INBOUND, we encourage you to reserve the breakout sessions you want to see.

Once it's time for you to reserve breakout sessions, here's how to do it step-by-step using our mobile app. If you'd rather reserve sessions on your computer, check out instructions here.

The option to reserve won't appear for you if it's not your turn yet, so make sure you check the schedule of when you can reserve and look out for an email reminding you that it's time.

1. Download the app and log in

If you still need to download the app, you can get it for iOS here and for Android here. Once you've downloaded it, log in with the email that you used to register.

2. Confirm your email

After entering your email in the app, you'll receive a verification email which you can open on any device. Just click the link in the email and you're in! If you have trouble, make sure you're entering the correct email address. If you forgot what address you registered with, we can remind you if you get in touch at

3. Reserve away!

Tap into the agenda from the bottom navigation. Once you're in the agenda, tap the seat icon below a session in order to reserve it. Easy as that! If you change your mind, just tap the icon again to remove it from your agenda.

If you have a Community Pass, you won't see any seat icons because your pass doesn't allow you to make reservations. If you have a 1-Day All-Access Pass, you'll only see seat icons for the day that you have access to. INBOUND& events don't allow reservations at all, so no one will see a seat option for them.

If you see a crossed out seat icon, that session isn't available for you to reserve. Often, this is because you have a conflicting session in that time slot that you need to unreserve first. Other times, the session is just fully reserved. If this is the case, you'll see a "standby only" message as well as the crossed out seat icon. We try to move popular sessions into bigger rooms, so more capacity may open up later. You can also wait in the standby line onsite for sessions you really want to see.

4. Gaze upon the fruits of your labor

Click the "Registered" tab at the top of the agenda to view all the sessions you've reserved. You can also view them all under "My Reservations" on the web agenda.

Reserved sessions are also automatically added to "My Interests." You can use "My Interests" to keep track of standby only sessions you want to go to and things like book signings that you can't reserve but want to attend.

5. Remember to be on time

Once the sessions you've reserved finally roll around, don't be late! Reserved seats are held until 10 minutes before the session begins. If you show up after that, you may not be able to get in.