Safety and security

A lot of what we do to ensure a safe and secure event happens behind the scenes, but here are some things you should know

Our in-house security team and venue security teams work with state and local police to make sure that INBOUND is a safe experience for everyone. While a lot of our security work takes place behind the scenes, here are some security measures you should be aware of:

Bag restrictions

This year, bags larger than a standard backpack or handbag will not be allowed at INBOUND. In order to ensure that large bags aren't being brought into the building, we will not be offering bag check. We recommend checking your luggage at your hotel if you need to stash it somewhere.

Random searches

You may be randomly selected for a quick and non-invasive search when you arrive at INBOUND. We'll check you with a metal detector and take a quick peek inside your bag.


When you pick up your badge, we'll take a photo of you as part of the check-in process. This photo won't be printed on your badge or visible to other attendees (so no worries if your eyeliner is a little wonky) but it will be visible to our staff when we scan your badge. This will help us make sure that everyone is wearing their own badge and no one is going where they don't belong.

Code of Conduct

Everyone at INBOUND is expected to abide by our Code of Conduct. All the learning and fun that happen at INBOUND can only happen if we're all committed to upholding a safe and inclusive environment for everyone. If you see someone who's behaving dangerously or making you feel unsafe, let us know ASAP. We reserve the right to expel anyone who violates the Code of Conduct or acts in a disruptive of unsafe manner.

Getting help

If you need help or see something that's not right, speak up! You can always flag down a member of our staff, of the INBOUND security team, or of our venues' public safety teams. If you need to get help over the phone, here's how:

In the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC)

To reach the venue's public safety command center, you should call (617) 954-2222 or dial x2222 from any black house phone. They should be your first call—they'll coordinate with 911 if outside resources are needed.

Outside the BCEC

If you're anywhere besides the BCEC, your first call should be directly to 911. (If you're visiting, 911 is the number for all emergency services in the United States).