Standby sessions

If a session is at capacity and listed as "Standby Only" in the agenda, don't lose hope

Once a session is fully reserved, it will appear on our agenda as "Standby Only." We try to move popular sessions to bigger rooms and sometimes people drop a session from their agenda, so you may still be able to reserve a spot in advance if you check back. However, we don't offer a waitlist or a way to notify you when a spot opens up.

If you aren't able to reserve a spot in advance, you're still not out of options! You can join the standby line for a session onsite and wait to see if any reserved spots go unclaimed. If you arrive early, you've got pretty good chances of getting in through the standby line. We start letting the standby line in ten minutes before the session begins.

Finally, we also try to schedule encores of popular sessions. If there's something you really want to see, check the agenda to see if a second (or third...or fourth) time slot has been added for it.