Starring sessions

You can star sessions to keep track of ones you're interested in and to save yourself time when reservations open

When you star a session, it'll be added to your interests list. You can use your interests list as a shortlist of sessions you're interested in attending, or simply as a collection of topics for you to gaze fondly upon whenever you're feeling down. But it probably makes more sense to use it for the first thing.

When you star sessions, it also helps us plan for what'll be popular at INBOUND this year. When we see a session's going to be a runaway hit, we can even start scheduling encores of it before reservations open. So help us help you and star away!

To star a session, just click the star button next to it in the agenda. If you're not logged in, you'll be prompted to enter the email you registered with or to register for INBOUND. You'll receive an email from us titled "Confirm your email address." Just click the link in that email and you're good to start starring sessions!

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