INBOUND Help Center

Booking your hotel

We have discounts at hotels throughout Boston and the Seaport for INBOUND attendees. Here's how to get them.

We have discounted room blocks at 22 hotels throughout the Seaport and Boston. Rates range from $205/night to $399/night (our discounts can save you hundreds of dollars per night). You can view the whole list of hotel options here even if you aren't registered yet.

How to book

In order to actually book your room, you'll need to be registered for INBOUND first (we do this to ensure that our limited supply of rooms is only being used by people who are actually coming).

Your registration confirmation email will include the link to book your hotel room via our official housing partner, onPeak. If you can't find your confirmation email, you can also request the link here.

If you purchased a VIP Pass, you'll also receive a separate email with your password to access the VIP block at the Westin. You can read more about hotels for VIP Pass-holders here.

Airbnb and other alternatives

If our official hotels aren't in your budget or just aren't striking your fancy, you're also welcome to look at Airbnb or other alternatives. If you're staying in an Airbnb, you're still welcome to use our free hotel shuttles to get to and from the BCEC. We've made it easy to browse Airbnbs for our dates here.

Watch out for unofficial housing sites

It's very common for unofficial housing sites to spring up for large events, including INBOUND. onPeak is our only official hotel partner, so you shouldn't give your information to any other site claiming to provide hotels for INBOUND. If you come across one of these sites, please report them to us.